Safety Policies and Procedures

Safety is a top priority at Neuber Concrete.

It is the sincere desire of management to engage in a functional loss prevention program. We promote a safe working environment for our employees requiring each employee to practice safe and conscientious work habits. Our safety program is administered under the direction of a full time safety director. Our program is supported by the following requirements:

  • Pre-employment drug testing.
  • Post-employment random and post-accident drug and alcohol screening.
  • DMV driving record review for all vehicle and equipment operators.
  • Mandatory attendance for all superintendents, foremen and other key employees at monthly safety meetings.
  • Weekly tool box safety meetings on all project sites.
  • Mandatory 100% tie-off when required for all construction activity.
  • Mandatory outfitting of hard hats, safety glasses and safety vests.
  • Daily safety check for all tools and equipment.
  • Ongoing safety training by the safety team and other management personnel to all levels within the company.
  • OSHA compliant or better on all projects.

Safety is serious business at Neuber Concrete as the company requires incorporation of the program into each phase of the work from project planning to project completion. The commitment to safety is without exception.