Wideslab State-of-the-Art Performance Flooring Systems

Neucrete is a time-tested method of slab construction relevant for today’s demanding floor specifications.

NeuCrete is a slab design that offers flat, smooth and virtually curl free floors with fewer joints by using a time-tested technology that is proven to be superior to the commonly used slab designs. We refer to this technology as wideslab construction. NeuCrete uses single course installation giving the slab continuity from “top to bottom”. Our floors provide a beautiful, durable, polished finish that meets or exceeds design requirements, and owners expectations.

NeuCrete History

While many owners, developers and engineers considered wideslab construction a new process, NeuCrete has been developing and perfecting steel fiber technology for decades. Over 20 years ago, we first designed a floor for Color Resources utilizing fiber technology and today that floor is still in operation and has only one crack, a cold-joint due to the batch plant breaking down. During that same time, we designed a 700, 000 square foot floor for Hanes Brands and a 400,000 square foot floor for Pittsburgh Plate Glass. We used the same principles in each of these projects and received the same positive results. An added benefit is that none of these companies have had ANY joint maintenance issues.

Thankfully, over the years, fibers have evolved in such a way that floor finishing has improved, but the basic principles that we developed back then are still what we use today. NeuCrete’s wide slab construction has certainly passed the test of time.


  • Industrial/commercial warehouses
  • Super Flat F min slabs
  • Distribution centers
  • Cold storage / freezer facilities
  • Retail
  • Athletic facilities

NeuCrete Advantages

  • Fewer joints mean a smooth ride that your lift truck operators will brag about
  • Lowers overall lifetime maintenance costs and fewer joints mean less wear and tear on fork trucks
  • Time proven slab designs that allow for less problematic installation as compared to traditional floor designs
  • Attention to detail from top leaders in the concrete industry
  • Best F/F and F/L numbers in the industry
  • We do not use “magic potions” – we tell you what’s in the mix
  • NeuCrete provides owners with confidence that the project will be a success

Why choose NeuCrete?

  • Best 5-year warranty in the business
  • Best quality assurance program in the business
  • Slab engineering included and stamped drawings provided
  • Review of all plans and specs to get it right the first time
  • Consulting service provided by both national and local experts
  • Host and chair NeuCrete’s renowned “pre-pour meeting”
  • Review and adjustment of the mix-design for lowest possible shrinkage based on the local available materials
  • You always get the “A” team

NeuCrete provides a floor that matches any floor in the industry for beauty, durability, toughness, life expectancy and lowest maintenance cost of any competitive design. NeuCrete offers two different levels of slabs to meet owner expectations and budget.